Welcome to the site of Kasterski i Wspólnicy, Law Firm.

The firm practice covers the entire area of civil and commercial law.  We can provide a legal service for complex commercial transactions, at the highest, professional level.  

Law Firm  specializes in

• legal services in connection with privatization processes (due diligence reports, services related to negotiations and privatization transactions);

• development of legal sections of restructuring and privatization programs, including legal services related to mergers and acquisitions;

• legal services related to capital market operations (legal sections of prospectuses, legal services related to negotiations and capital market transactions);

• legal services related to project financing (credit consortia, credit documentation);

• legal services to investment and pension funds (assistance in funds formation, legal services to existing funds);

• services related to legislative work (drafting of legislative guidelines, proposals, participation in parliamentary work);

• legal services to financial institutions (banks, insurers, credit consortia, brokerage offices);

• legal services in connection with IT contracts (including hardware purchases, software licensing, IT systems integration, maintenance and repair);

• legal services in the scope of broadly understood business law (including in particular corporate law, contract law, securities law, competition protection, intellectual property);

• Client representation in litigation, administrative and arbitration proceedings.