Jolanta Cetwińska had broad experience in providing legal services to government agencies and business entities; she specializes in company law, banking law and securities law.

Since 1989 Jolanta Cetwińska worked at the Office of the Government Plenipotentiary for Ownership Transformations, and then at the Ministry of Ownership Transformations where she served as Head of the Legal Department and ultimately, as Advisor to the Minister under a PHARE funded contract.

Jolanta Cetwińska took part in drafting the act on privatization of state-owned enterprises. She has co-authored legislative proposals on commercialization and privatization of state-owned enterprises, on amending the act on companies with foreign shareholding, on investments funds, as well as draft implementing regulations for the act on national investment funds.

Jolanta Cetwińska served as a legal advisor and consultant to companies and public agencies, and co-authored numerous legal opinions and due diligence reports (e.g. the draft Plan on Warta S.A. Floatation, formation of the Foundation for Establishing the Warsaw Grain and Fodder Exchange for the Agricultural Market Agency, assessment of the publication Restrukturyzacja finansowa przedsiębiorstw i banków Komentarz do ustawy (Financial Restructuring of Enterprises and Banks – Commentary on the Act) – for the Foundation for Capital Market Development and Ownership Transformations, opinions on the oil industry restructuring program and on formation of Nafta Polska SA, on privatization of Bank Gdański SA through Global Depository Receipts (GDR) – for the Minister of Ownership Transformations).

During 1996-1998, Jolanta Cetwińska served as member of the Arbitration Court at the National Securities Depository.